When flying as a non-revenue customer on other airlines, it is important that all staff & eligibles are in proper attire.  Many airlines have variations of what they consider "business casual", mostly due to social changes around the world.  Business casual sometimes leaves too much wiggle room for interpretation by airline staff at the ticket counters, gate agents, and even those flying as a non-rev.

That's why we are taking up the DRESS TO IMPRESS initiative for non-revs.   When flying on another airline, it is a great privilege extended to you and your eligibles.  Be proud of who you work for!  And the best way to do that, is by your appearance and actions.  By using DRESS TO IMPRESS, you can almost NEVER fail an airline's dress code policies (only exception is Air Tahiti Nui which requires an "exceptional" attire).  Some airlines have vaguely defined a casual to business casual dress code, and in our coverage of 8 airline pass travel programs, we found the definition to greatly vary - from staff on the island of Molokai, Hawai'i - to San Juan Puerto Rico, and even the far reaches of Chile.

DRESS TO IMPRESS is providing you, an airline employee, with a well thought-out picture guide of what you can and can't wear.  Airline Doctors Inc can't take full credit for this - we thank our friends at WestJet for starting this trend.  Please do not feel this is imposing on you or your eligibles, but the picture guides are used to HELP you determine what you can and can't wear as "business casual".

And as always, DRESS TO IMPRESS includes removing ALL Airline/airport IDs after check-in.   It is very tempting to keep it on your neck, as it was helpful in the past - but in today's day and age - airline staff become moving targets as you move down the aisle to your seat.  The revenue customers nearby can quickly engage with you, as your ID is a clear giveaway you are flying for "free".  This can prevent unnecessary and unwanted conversation, especially if the revenue customers talk to you about negative experiences in the airline business.


Picture guide - RETURN TO GATE